Your enjoyment of the peerless panorama offered by Marina di Varazze doesn’t stop with a walk on the shore, the dock or your own yacht, but continues in a series of elegant apartments, where the utmost care has been lavished on even the tiniest detail.

  • 36 prestige apartments

  • Size from 60 to 150 square meters

  • Terrace or garden facing the sea

  • Independent air conditioning systems

  • Italian design furniture

The 36 prestige apartments are all different and all look out over the sea. They vary in size from 60 to 150 square meters, are fitted with independent air conditioning systems and have terraces or gardens to offer unparalleled comfort to those who chose to invest in the modern tourist facilities offered by the Riviera di Ponente.
The concern for quality and exquisitely Italian style is clear to see in the interior decoration of three elite apartments by three big names in the world of Italian design: Culti, Berloni and Olivieri. The solutions presented can be implemented as is in the apartments still available or used as models for further personalisation.

The design of the entire structure, right down to the choice of finishings, is part of a conversation with the history and geography of Varazze that revolves around respect for the environment and integration with it as time passes, with a focus on the natural changes in the appearance of the materials used, caused by the action of the marine environment. The green areas, the lighting, the colours and all the other man made artifacts draw inspiration from and form part of the geographical setting they ‘live’ in, not only from an aesthetic, but also from a symbolic point of view.

The iroko wood, the stone and the antiqued copper covering the roofs of the eight buildings are designed to merge into the surrounding panorama. Teak has been chosen because of its traditional use in marine environments and in boat building, while the stone recalls the rocky outcrops that frame the Marina and the water green colour shade used for the roofs is a clear reference to the sea and the evocative atmosphere of gardens bathed in the warm summer sun. The colour shades of the artificial stone cladding have been carefully researched to create the final effect we see today: the darker colour tones at the bottom confirm proximity to the ground, while the lighter shades higher up make the building seem to fade into the sky. The structure follows the curvature of the dock, with panoramic wooden walkways on multiple levels along its entire length.

LE RESIDENZE - Marina di Varazze - www.marinadivarazze.it
LE RESIDENZE - Marina di Varazze - www.marinadivarazze.it
LE RESIDENZE - Marina di Varazze - www.marinadivarazze.it
LE RESIDENZE - Marina di Varazze - www.marinadivarazze.it